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If you have ever traveled, you’ll notice how some places you visit will give you a certain feel when you are there. Some places feel absolutely magical, and others feel like there’s an interesting, perhaps, even dark history there, a history worth exploring deeper.

When you enter Mind Body Soul, the warm colors and smooth wooden interior make you feel at home and while relaxing in a 100-year-old house, what else would you want to feel?

The History

Exploring New Smyrna Beach is just what the first settlers in America did. They came by boat to the southern east coast of the United States and explored right here, in New Smyrna Beach, Fl.

What was once Native American Land, soon became taken over by inquisitionists, when they discovered the use of untouched soil and found ways to transport goods. Utilizing the rivers and coastline for imports, and making their first settlement here in 1876, with a population of 150. The explorers began their hideout during the Spanish Inquisition.

This didn’t last long before the English came over to see just what they were up to and wanted a piece of land for themselves. Over time, many battles were fought for the land, further pushing out the Natives further and further away from the coastline. Shortly after, villages and reservations were burned and towns and cities were birthed.

Over the last 250 years, the New Smyrna Beach Historic District has become one of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the World!

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The Myth

Backdating to the first settlers in America, which were recorded in 1876, many have a misconception about the Oldest City in the U.S., thinking it is St. Augustine. While St. Augustine has historic remnants, ruins, and museums to capture the very battles that took place. New Smyrna Beach has a little bit of a different history.

Historic District

New Smyrna Beach’s historic district is made of 100-acres of town that is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, since 1990.


A peculiar little place, known for its beauty and tranquility, New Smyrna Beach was also one of the largest and finest Indian River Groves. In 1884, Washington E. Connor purchased 400 acres of land for his groves that contained over 250 pecan trees, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, bananas, and a vineyard.

Connor also had 3,000 acres of real estate tied to his future in New Smyrna Beach so he funded the first library, and toll bridge that allowed locals to pass from New Smyrna to Coronado Beach, which is over the river and to the beachside island. This provided jobs and a way to and from the coast where goods would be shipped by water instead of only by train.

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What Did The Locals Do For Fun?


Since the earliest days, bathing at the beach was the most popular and exciting activity. The shady, live oak trees are large and leave arched overhangs across the streets, ideal for summer sun. When the crop industry declined in the early 1900s the locals still managed to find joy in a favorite pastime, fishing along the famous Indian River for stingray, catfish, sea trout and redfish.

Down into the back roads, ruins of cane sugar plantations still exist and are protected in the Doris Leper Spruce Creek Preserves which since 1924, houses 2,500 acres of natural wooded land and rivers, where hiking, boating, canoeing, horseback riding, and picnic destinations are favored, to this day.


On the beachside, a popular location for a good catch in fish was the man-made jetty. New Smyrna Beach was known as, “Florida’s Smartest Little City”

There is one on the mainland and one on the beachside. On the mainland, you will find Canal St. where the local’s historic favorites are the Mom & Pop shops that have been long-standing like:

Pappas Drive-In
Dave’s Corner Store – Now, Little Drug Co.
Big Joe’s Subs

Fun Fact –

New Smyrna Beach is known to be the shark bite & lightening capital of the world!

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The History Of Mind Body Soul’s Location

The location of Mind Body Soul at 821 Canal St. has been here for over 100 years. Previously a home in the early 1900s, the house later became a Museum, an Art Gallery and finally an Energy Wellness Center for the Healing Arts, which is how you will find it now.

Serving people since, 2017, this location has been perfect for it’s intended use.

Inspired by her own adversities and challenges with severe neck and back pain, Beverly Klasel bought the property and renovated it to become the best local Energy Wellness & Healing Center that offers therapies including:

  • Several Modalities of Massage
  • Nalu Therapy
  • Reiki Healing
  • Yoga every week
  • Meditation Groups
  • Drum Circles
  • Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Special Classes held by the practitioners themselves
  • Organic Skin Care & Beauty Services

The intention behind Mind Body Soul was to promote healing through self-care and body awareness in a creative, healing space, a “peaceful sanctuary” if you will. Through a relaxing atmosphere, the talented practitioners provide a multitude of services that leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated through your Mind Body and Soul. They live by their slogan, “We HELP you feel better!”


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