Can You Have Self-Love Without Self-Awareness_

Have you ever found yourself being

overly-critical of those around you?

Have you ever been driving home from work in the evening, quietly thinking to yourself about the interactions and communications you’ve had with people in the week? Maybe some of those interactions were a little excessive in emotional response.

For example:

  • You may not have seen eye-to-eye with a co-worker.
  • Maybe you got excited through fear when talking to your doctor about something new that popped up in your health.
  • You could just be done with how a certain way things are going and wish to implement changes.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to look to the root of where all these emotions are getting stirred up from and why.


What a week!

Being an empath, some weeks are harder than others. Sometimes you have to clear a wave of emotions that may not even be yours, that have left you so drained at the start of the week, making it quite a challenge to regroup.

Getting back to yourself again isn’t always easy. Perhaps, picking up extra hours at work or even having some belly laughs with the same people who’s emotions were loud in a different way earlier on in the week can help!

Not only are you struggling to cope with your emotional responses to people at work but this struggle is deeply intertwined into your social life on all levels.


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Take a look a little more personally.

Do you remember getting upset with your partner for not remembering to call you at a certain time for the second day in a row?

Or getting frustrated with your kids for not finishing their chores when you had to pick up an extra shift at work?

Why can’t life just go smoothly? Expectations are detrimental to happiness. As you begin to take accountability for your own emotions, you will come to realize this.

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Here’s the real realization.

As often as we have a problem with something going on outside of us. There is a problem equal to that going on inside of us.

Once you dive deep and determine what it is within you that you need to heal through love and acceptance.. self-love and self-acceptance, that is, then you will discover the freedom in your truth.

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You are a natural healer.

The gift of being present, choosing to see everything, including adversities, in the eyes of love, is where healing comes in. You can only accomplish this through self-awareness.

You can do it. Start small. Begin by being present with your breath.

Yoga is an excellent practice for this. You can find our Local Yoga Classes and other events here!



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