New Year New Yoga (1)

You heard yourself say it, “New Year, New Me!” Here we are as the curtains are closing in 2018 to open up to a new world of possibilities in 2019. What are some of the new things you want to give a try?

Let Yin Yoga be on that list, Here’s why:

  1. Yin Yoga helps promote healing and Self-Care – See Our Blog On Self-Care
  2. By holding poses for longer, the body muscles and fascia begin to lengthen, leaving slack for better movement and range of motion.
  3. Restoring your tissues, Yin Yoga can feel similar to a therapeutic massage.
  4. Yin Yoga focuses on floor poses that are easy enough for just about anyone to try, as well as will help with lower back and leg discomforts. 
  5. Being present helps induce awareness of the body’s physiological effects and that consciousness brings us peace.
  6. Slow-paced practice means we must slow it down altogether, which we all need to do after being so busy with life’s demands. 
  7. Due to the length of time in each pose, Yin Yoga allows space for us to go through the stages of acceptance and letting go of certain emotions or things that are troubling us. 
  8. Yin Yoga causes us to learn to surrender and allow ourselves to be where we are in that moment, which is exactly where we need to be.
  9. When holding poses, deep belly breaths are necessary and in doing so, the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes, similarly to when one receives a massage.
  10. Yin Yoga brings us to balance in our Mind Body & Soul. Precisely how we want to start off the new year!

Where Can I Find Yin Yoga Classes?

At Mind Body Soul Of New Smyrna Beach, Of Course!


What Does Yin Yoga Entail?

Surely, you’ve heard or seen the Yin-Yang symbol of balance. Yin Yoga is based on the concept of Yin and Yang and the way the opposites balance each other out and to be balanced is to be in a state of peace and healing. 

Yin is the still and unmoving, while Yang is the flowing. 

In our bodies, our muscles, tendons, and fascia tend to get constricted and stiff/still (yin) and our blood and organs stay moving and flowing (yang). 

Yin Yoga is unlike the more common practices of yoga that we are used to. Yin is different in the sense that it consists of floor poses that are held for anywhere between 45 seconds to 5 minutes at a time. 

The parts of the body that are worked in this type of yoga practice are the:

  • Pelvis
  • Hips
  • Lower Back/Spine
  • Inner Thighs
  • Legs

Yin Yoga is known to work the Yin tissues. So be ready to release a lot of pent-up muscular tension and restore mobility to your joints. If there were any myofascial or emotional blockages, these too will surface and you will be able to breathe through them during your Yin yoga practice, balancing your internal organs and bodily systems.

Through Yin Yoga you will ultimately become stronger.

Are You Looking For A Quiet Retreat?

Come Visit Our Peaceful Sanctuary At Mind Body Soul of New Smyrna Beach!


What Is The Difference Between Yin & Hatha?

Hatha yoga is about lengthening the spine, engaging the muscles, bringing awareness to them, stretching the muscles in the back and maintaining a pace with your breath. This promotes blood flow and awareness of the bodies autonomous functions. Due to the nature of timing, you have no choice but to be present with the flow that you are acknowledging. 

Yin Yoga is more on the spectrum of relaxing the muscles completely so that the spine naturally curves around allowing your head and knees to meet in the final release. Yin Yoga allows this extra time, or a gap, for thoughts and feelings to come up and upon releasing it, you’d be surprised how much energy you have given back to your body!

When you step back and choose to observe the feelings and thoughts, rather than participate in them, you can clear out blockages in the mind that create blockages in the body. This allows you to live your best life. Who wouldn’t want to start the new year with their head high and body relaxed?

Trying New Things In 2019?

Try A Hot Stone Massage Next! Click Here To Find Out The Benefits!


Tips For Easing Into Yin Yoga 

  1. Always give yourself time and space to get into a pose. Never force it or overstretch.
  2. Focus on your breathing while in the pose, it will help you to remain still which is where you will find balance.
  3. Hold the position for as long as you can without straining. Remember, there’s always next time. 
  4. Accept where you are today in your practice and set goals to achieve growth.
  5. Stay consistent. The hardest thing about doing Yoga is showing up for yourself. Do it for you!


New Year ~ New Yoga!

Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back! You made it through to 2019 after all! Now what will you do from here?

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to try new things. The same old mundane lifestyle needs to change so that you can make room for exciting and better things to come. Manifest these things with your intentions. Set your intentions through your daily life and consistency.

Try things like self-care, taking better care of your skin, hydrating more, receiving massages, embarking on a new yoga journey or making new friends, like us at Mind Body Soul. 


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